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Dr. Jiya Lal Memorial Hospital - is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Hospitals. It is the only hospitals of its class in the Bundelkhand region. The Bundelkhan region is not a well developed , yet In Jhansi we have world class treatment facilities available here with state of art Equipments, Latest Techniques and team of Experts. Today Dr. Jiya Lal Memorial Hospital has choosen Carl Zeiss MEL 80 over other existing technologies available for LASIK . It is undoubtedly one of the best LASIK laser technologies available. This technology from ZEISS is unique which definitely gives a much better visual outcome compares to the old technologies.


Our Vision

The maximum number of blind people in the world are found in India ,which is about 15 Million . According to the WHO, it may reach 20 Million upto year 2011.
Fortunately about 10 million of them may have their sight back with help of treatment.
In India we have the best treatment and facilities available locally, even then there are two factors which are obstacle in the way of Blindness Eradication. One is the negligence of problem by patient or their family because of lack of information and the another is sometime the expenses of treatment.
To serve the humanity is always our moto, hence we are always ready to proudly do the best of us. The hospital regularly conduct Eye Care / Treatment Camps and awareness programs in distant and backward areas of the region to provide treatment facilities where these are not easily available. Along with the treatment we also convey the information related to common eye disease which are commonly ignored and becomes serious as time passes.
We also provide low cost treatment or free treatment to those who are not capable to bear the expensive treatments .
We are thankful to the GOD who gave us the chance to serve the mankind.