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Dr. Jiya Lal Memorial Hospital - is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Hospitals. It is the only hospitals of its class in the Bundelkhand region. The Bundelkhan region is not a well developed , yet In Jhansi we have world class treatment facilities available here with state of art Equipments, Latest Techniques and team of Experts. Today Dr. Jiya Lal Memorial Hospital has choosen Carl Zeiss MEL 80 over other existing technologies available for LASIK . It is undoubtedly one of the best LASIK laser technologies available. This technology from ZEISS is unique which definitely gives a much better visual outcome compares to the old technologies.

Glaucoma is second leading cause of Blindness in the world" & this loss of vision can be prevented
Glaucoma is a silent disease whichcause the blindness. It starts very slow showing no symptoms and patient comes to know about it when it has damaged  more then 40% of the normal vision of the eye. If not treated within time , it leads to the complete blindness.     
In this disease the pressure inside the eye increases which effects  the Optic Nerve as result the Peripheral vision is decreased. Later the Optic Nerve get totally damaged and the patient becomes blind. The Blindness caused due to Glaucoma is incurable.
. Any one may get suffer from Glaucoma but in following cases the chances are higher .  
Person using high power Glasses .
Person who is Diabetic
Family members of a Glaucoma Patient
Person above the age of 45 .
Myopia Patients
Person having High Blood Pressure problems
Person using high Corticosteroid




Following are common symptoms of Glaucoma
Pain in Eyes or around Eyes
Blurred Vision
Seeing color rounded spots in vision
Frequent changes in the power of glasses required
Facilities Available for Remedy


Following are remedies available for treatment of Glaucoma
Visual-Field Test
T Visual Field Analyzer
Disk Photography
Medical Treatment - *Only useful in primary stage
Surgical - It is a stable and permanent treatment
LASER- It is a stable and permanent treatment



Glaucoma is a disease like the diabetes which can be only controlled but not cured . The motive of the glaucoma treatment is to maintain your present eye vision and prevent your vision from further losses.